www.mbeautyclinic.com M Beauty by Dr. Tess is Southern California’s premiere chain of cosmetic dermatology clinics. With multiple locations in San Diego, National City, and Glendale / Los Angeles County, it’s the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to “turn back the clock.”  From Dr. Tess’s world famous Time Machine Procedure™ to wrinkles, sagging, spots, lack of volume, and discoloration to lipo, acne, scars, fine lines, fat, cellulite, tattoo removal, and everything in between, we have something that can help!
www.facebook.com/tessmdshow The Dr. Tess Show is produced by Dr. Tess and follows her through both her professional and personal lives. It airs on GMA Pinoy TV in North America, and globally on GMA NEWS TV every Saturday morning! Catch it every Sunday at 7:30pm with replays every Thursday at 9:30am PST.
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www.timemachineprocedure.com The Time Machine Procedure™ was created by Dr. Tess and is a special combination of the latest technologies and expertise to address all the factors that cause aging on our skin: skin deterioration and sun damage, wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume and hyperactivity of muscles of facial expression.The Time Machine Procedure™ will give you total and complete rejuvenation - more complete than just the pulling of loose skin that would come with a surgical procedure like a face or neck lift. You will have improvement on your eyelids, undereyes, cheeks, pores, wrinkles, sagging, discoloration, and overall quality of your skin! Experience the Time Machine Procedure straight from Dr. Tess at one of her M Beauty Clinics, or go to www.timemachineprocedure.com to find a provider near you (or become one yourself)!
www.drtesstimelessmd.com TimelessMD is Dr. Tess’s own line of premium skincare products. A collaboration between Dr. Tess and award-winning skincare pioneer Jan Marini of Jan Marini Skin Research, the TimelessMD Illuminating skin care regimen is the result of over two years of development and eighteen months of clinical testing. The illuminating system and each individual product within it are scientifically designed to deliver unparalleled results!
www.californiatotalbeauty.com Beauty depends both upon how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside. Total Beauty  encompasses a healthy, attractive outer appearance and a healthy, positive inner self. Dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio and Wellness Doctor Brian Alman, PhD, offer a simple approach. California Total Beauty” is a book that combines a happy meeting of health & beauty inside and out. Dr. Tess and Dr. Brian have a healthy approach - if you don’t work on the inside, the outside will suffer, and vice- versa. An informative read for anyone who wants to build self-confidence, manage weight, and transform the outside from within.”  -Tony Horton, Fitness Expert and Creator of P90X